Matti Kallio

“Matti Kallio is a superb instrumentalist who extracts a wide-range of expressions from the accordion, from dazzling
speed to delicate slow tempo performances.” – World Music Central

Matti Kallio is an award-winning Finnish multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, arranger and music producer. His main instruments are chromatic and diatonic accordions, piano and ethnic flutes.

The latest solo album, Murder Street, was released on 28.1.2022 on all digital platforms. You can buy it as a download here – sheet music included!

Below is a video of the opening track, Esperanza.

Kallio has worked on apx. 200 albums and countless live performances all over the world. The projects cover a wide variety of musical styles, from pop to traditional folk music, jazz to classical choral music, from gospel to children’s music.

Kallio’s work credits include Värttinä, Hector, Vesa-Matti Loiri, Rajaton, Björk (with Voices of Europe), BBC Concert Orchestra, Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, UMO Jazz Orchestra, Atli Örvarsson, Miljoonasade, Yö, Club for Five, Anna Eriksson, Johanna Kurkela, Laura Voutilainen, Suvi Teräsniska, Icelandic National Theatre, Reykjavik City Theatre, Sinfonia Nord, Bubbi Morthens, Egill Olafsson, Jon Anderson (with Todmobile), Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Finnish National Ballet.



acc=accordion, pno=piano, kbd=keyboards, wh=tin whistle/flute, perc=percussion, guit=guitar, mand=mandolin/mandola, voc=vocals
arr=arrangement, comp=composition, lyr=lyrics, rec=recording, mix=mixing, prod=production

Matti Kallio: Murder Street (acc, pno, comp, rec, mix, prod)
Matti Kallio: Waltz for Better Times (acc, comp, mix, prod)
Värttinä: Viena (acc, wh, arr, mix, prod)
Värttinä: Utu (acc, kbd, wh, perc, comp, arr, rec, mix, prod)
Värttinä: Lasetus (single; acc, kbd, wh, comp, arr, rec, mix, prod)
Vesa-Matti Loiri: Pyhät tekstit (rec, mand)
Hector: Ei selityksiä (acc, wh)
Hector: Tähän vuodenaikaan (single; kbd, wh)
Hector: Hauras (kbd, wh)
Hector: Hectorin joululevy (acc, wh, banjo, perc, arr)
Rajaton: Boundless (arr.)
Rajaton: Out of Bounds (arr.)
Club for Five: Rekiretki (arr.)
Club for Five: Jouluna (wh)
Club for Five: Jouluna Live (arr.)
Club for Five: Songs of Kirka (arr.)
CMX: Discopolis (voc)
Miljoonasade: Karkumorsian (acc, wh, perc, voc, comp, lyr, arr, mix)
Miljoonasade: Ruusunnuppu (single – acc, wh)
Miljoonasade: Taivaan tähtitilkut (single – comp)
Johanna Kurkela: Kauriinsilmät (acc, wh)
Laura Voutilainen: Ihmeitä (acc, kbd, wh, arr, rec, mix, prod)
Matti Kallio & Roope Aarnio: Kjós (acc, kbd, comp, arr, rec, mix, prod)

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